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Mural from Kyiv Patriarchate Church Consecrated 13 October 2018
Mural from Kyiv Patriarchate Church Consecrated 13 October 2018
Mural from Kyiv Patriarchate Church Consecrated 13 October 2018

Latest News and Background for Understanding It

18 October 2018 Paul Goble speculates about a possible coming "parade of autocephalies" out of the MP here.

18 October 2018 Greek Newspaper interviews Metropolitan Hilarion: He underlines growing political influence of the Unia in Ukraine, here.

18 October 2018 Interview with Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk: "Patriarch of Constantinople has put himself in schism." Read here.

18 October 2018 Propaganda arm of the US Goverment broadcasting to foreigners, Radio Liberty-Radio Free Europe, applies the lesson of Ukraine to Macedonia here.

18 October 2018 The Economist briefly reports here.

17 October 2018 Vox reports here.

17 October 2018 Western-owned Moscow Times reports here.

17 October 2018 Nationalistic murals in a church of the "Kyiv Patriarchate" Holy Transfiguration Church, Kremenets, Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine consecrated October 13, 2018. see here.

17 October 2018 The long, strong letter of Patriarch Irinej of Serbia to Patriarch Bartholomew of August 13, 2018, full of history and discussion of canonical issues, charges Patriarch Bartholomew of breaking his given word. Read here.

17 October 2018 Official Documents Relating to the Deposition and Discipline of "Metropolitan" Philaret of the "Kyiv Patriarchate" in 1992, read here. Patriarch Bartholomew has now made himself party to this bad behavior, an enabler and endorser. Direct link to Patriarch Bartholomew's Letter to Patriarch Aleksei II acknowledging the Church of Russia's "exclusive competence" in the matter and supporting its action against the Monk Philaret BartholomewLetter1992.pdf.

17 October 2018 The likely reason the West promoted this, here.

17 October 2018 An Old Sermon of Philaret from 1990 before took the path of schism here.

17 October 2018 Church Split Represents Crumbling of Russian Soft Power in Ukraine, according to Ukrainian Information Service here.

17 October 2018 How Will the Byelorussian Faithful be Affected? Read here.

17 October 2018 The Atlantic Council Tells What "Really Happened" in Constantinonple here.

17 October 2018 Thoughtful Analysis from the Netherlands here.

17 October 2018 CNN reports here and here.

17 October 2018 Tass: The Global Geopolitics Behind the Controversy here, Finnish-Russian Church relations not to be affected here, the Holy Fire will still come to Russia at Pascha, here.

17 October 2018 A Challenge to Russian Civilization Through This Blow to the Church, read here.

16 October 2018 Initial Effects of Rift in Germany, Deutche Welle reports here.

16 October 2018 Statement of Greek Orthodox Metropolia of New Jersey from Oct 7 as to what they perceive Constantinople to be doing: Diocese-NJUkraine.pdf.

16 October 2018 Putin May Try to Attack Ukraine or Byelorus, per Paul Goble, former CIA and RL/RFE. Interesting what such people say and why as they try to frame the question. Read here.

16 October 2018 RT asks: "What Next?" Read here.

16 October 2018 Russia and Ukraine: Two Separate Peoples or a Divided Nation? Read here.

16 October 2018 Political Background to the Conflict from CNN here.

16 October 2018 A Greek Paper, "The Bema", reports here.

16 October 2018 Ukrainian Analysis from 112 UA here.

16 October 2018 An Outsider's View from Christian Today here.

16 October 2018 St. Andrew's Church in Kiev to Become Stavropegial Church for Constantinople in Ukraine? Read here.

16 October 2018 Official Statement of the Moscow Patriarchate on Breaking Eucharistic Communion with Constantinople here.

15 October 2018 Metropolitan Hilarion: Constantinople is no longer the single coordinating center of the Church. Read here.

15 October 2017 New York Times reports here.

15 October 2018 Washington Examiner: Russian Imperialism is the Preferred Charge here.

15 October Moscow Patriarchate press release here. Another Russian report here.

15 October Kyiv Post: "Let the Schism Begin" and "Moscow Isolates Itself" here.

15 October Western Agenda for Ukraine: Detach It from Ties to Russia here. The Guaridian here and Politico here report. 

15 October 2018 Reuters reports here. The Daily Mail's story here.

15 October 2018 Deutsche Welle reports here. Kyiv Post reports here.

15 October 2018 First Reports of Moscow's Decision to Sever Clerical Ties here, here, here,  here, here, 

15 October 2018 Experts Discuss Constantinople's Actions here.

15 October 2018 Patriarch John of Antioch Calls Autocephaly for Ukraine "Untimely" here.

14 October 2018 Awful Avalanche Blogger: Byzantium (Almost) Recognizes Banderite Church, part 1part 2part 3.

14 October Metropolitan Jonah (Paffhausen) of ROCOR's Open Letter to the US State Department here.

14 October 2018 "Uke Tube" out of Canada Presents a Discussion of Ukrainian Church Independence here.

14 October 2018 Kyiv Post: Poroshenko Thanks Bartholomew here.  Poroshenko Sets the Stage to Blame Moscow for Any Unpleasantness to Come here.

14 October 2018 Euromaidan Press's Guide to Ukrainian Church Independence here.

14 October 2018 L. Bershidsky's take in an Irish Paper: Putin an New Henry VIII? Read here.

14 October 2018 Report on Independence and How Politicians are Using It For Their Own Ends here.

13 October 2018 Atlantic Council: David Has Triumphed Over Goliath! Read here.

13 October 2018 Bishop Mitrophan: Politicians Have Blatantly Interefered in Church Life, here.

13 Ocober 2018 US Government outlet Radio Liberty - Radio Free Europe speculates on future violence in Ukraine regarding Church instigated by Russia here.

13 October 2018 112UA, Ukrainian Press site, reports on the upcoming Russian response here.

13 October 2018 Reuters on the upcoming Russian response here.

13 October 2018 An article from Forbes here.

13 October 2018 Ukrainian Bishop Laments Constantinople's Non-Conciliar Action. Read here.

13 October 2018 Possible Repercussions in the Balkans of Constantinople's Action. Read here.

13 October 2018 Church Discussed at Russian Security Council Meeting Read here.

12 October 2018 Bishop Rostilav of the Czech Lands and Slovakia Expresses Support for Moscow Patriarchate here.

12 October 2018 Like Consequences of the Patriarch's Deliberate Choice here.

12 October 2018 Al-Jazeera reports here. "All of one faith, but nothing spiritual is going on..." 

12 October 2018 US State-Run RL-RFL Reports here.

12 October 2018 France 24 reports on Lavrov's remarks here.

12 October 2018 Lavrov Says Washington Is Meddling in Orthodox Church. Read here.

12 October 2018 Globe and Mail, Canada says: For Putin, Big Defeat, Dent in Image, Hole Torn in Image, Smudged Place in History Book. Read here.

12 October 2018 Decisive, Tough Response of Moscow Patriarchate to come October 15. Read here.

11 October 2018 Claim: Russian Church Illegally annexed Ukrainian Church in 1686. Read here.

11 October 2018 Metropolitan Jonah (Paffhausen) calls Constantinople's actions uncanonical here.

11 October 2018 President Poroshenko's offical statement in response to autocephaly for the schismatic group here.

11 October Reuters reports here, Daily Sabbah here. Voice of America Reports here, The Wall Street Journal here. They are calling it a victory for "religious freedom", here the Washington Examiner. Politico here quotes President Poroschenko: this is "a guarantee of spiritual freedom", the "key to social harmony." Kurt Volker, US Special Envoy on Ukraine, in a Ukrainian media outlet, claims here that this means Putin has lost Ukraine in political terms. Excommunicated, schismatic "Metropolitan" Philaret reacts here. President Poroschenko crows here "This is a victory of good over evil, light over darkness". A translation of a Russian article here. Ekathimeri reports here.

11 October 2018 Official Statement from Constatintople: His All-Holiness Goes Ahead With It Despite the Objections of His Brother Bishops. here

11 October 2018 Constantinople's View, Agreed to by Other Churches, in 1993, Was that Pan-Orthodox Consensus Is to be Sought. Read here.

11 October 2018 Patriarch Irenej of Serbia Appeals to Patriarch Bartholomew not to Act Unilaterally here.

10 October 2018 German Publisher DW (Deutsche Welle) covers the issue here.

10 October 2018 Washingto Post Coverages of the Issue here.

10 October 2018 A Legal Challenge from the Church to the Admissibility of the Ukrainian State to Request Autocephaly for Church here.

10 October 2018 Three Bulgarian Bishops Take Issue with Constantinople here.

9 October 2018 Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk (MP) on Ukrainian autocephaly here.

9 October 2018 A Response to Bishop Job of Telmessos (see Sept 15 below) here.

9 October 2018 Ukrainian Official Claims the State Owns the Kiev Caves Monastery here.

9 October 2018 Historical Basis for Canonical Unity of Russian Church. A long, well-documented article covering 1000 years by Mikhail Zheltov. Read it here.

7 October 2018 The New York Times reports here.

7 October 2018 US Government outlet Radio Liberty - Radio Free Europe provides first-hand reporting on ecclesiastical situation in Ukraine here.

7 October 2018 An Overview of Orthodoxy in Ukraine from the beginning until now, part 3 of 3 here.

7 October 2018 President Poroshenko Using the Controversy for Political Gain Before Elections read here.

6 October 2018 The Church of Antioch officially takes issue with Constantinople here.

5 October 2018 Ongoing thoughts on the matter here.

3 October 2018 From Political Coup to Religious Takeover here,

3 October 2018 Church Historian Discusses the History of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine here.

2 October 2018 Synod of the Church of Estonia, Moscow Patriarchate, issues a statement of concern here.

1 October 2018 Bishop Job of the Church of Ukraine, Moscow Patriarchate, discusses the matter here.

1 Oct Tablet UK

30 September 2018 From political coup to religious coup here

30 September 2018 History of Relations between Moscow and Constantinople in the 20th Century here

29 September 2018 Ukrainian News Agency's summation of OCA Met. Tikhon's letter here.

29 September 2018 Grand Duchess Maria Vladirovna Romanova is interviewed about Constantinople's actions here

28 September 2018 Greek Orthodox Church of America on autocephaly for Ukraine here.

28 September 2018 New York Times: Defrocked "Patriarch" prepares to lead new autocephalous church here.

28 September 2018 Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church meets, expresses concern over Constantinople's interference here.

28 September 2018 Metropolitan Hilarion of Moscow pushes back here.

28 September 2018 Documents Published by the Ecumenical Patriarchate to Support Its Claims here

28 September 2018 Press Release of the Patriarchate of Constantinople here.

27 September 2018 Catholic Herald Analysis: Brink of Schism here.

27 September 2018 Metropolitan Tikhon's (OCA) Archpastoral Letter on Ukraine and Constantinople here.

26 September 2018 Catholic News Agency story here.

25 September 2018 US State Department release in support of Ukraine here.

25 September 2018 A Ukrainian from Kiev writes about the situation on the ground in Ukraine here

25 September 2018 Bishop Macarios of Christoupolis, Auxiliary of the EP, in defense of Constantinople here,

24 September 2018 American Meddling in Ukraine? Read here.

24 September 2018 Greek Huff Post contributor gives a strong Greek view here.

21 September 2018 Bishop Irinej of Backa (Serbia) "On the Inaccuracies of Ecclesial and Journalistic Statements on Ukraine" here.

21 September 2018 Primates of Alexandria and Poland express concern here.

21 September 2018 Patriarch Philaret of the non-canonical Kievan Patriarchate meets with the Atlantic Council here.

20 September 2018 Agitation against the Canonical Church in Ukraine here.

17 September 2018 Byelorussian splinter church may seek recognition too, story here.

17 September 2018 Autocephaly is primarily a political project initiated by President Poroshenko. here

15 September 2018 Archbishop Job of Telmessos Speaks for the Patriarchate of Constantinople here

14 September 2018 Reuters reports on the break between Moscow and Constantinople here.

12 September 2018 Russian concern over consequence of Constantinople's actions here from TASS.

12 September 2018 Holy Synod of the Church of Belarus opposes "uncanonical interefence" of Patriarch Bartholomew in Ukraine here.

11 September 2018 Patriarch Bartholemew's Actions Assessed here

10 September 2018 An article from the Atlantic Council, an influential, anti-Russian Western think-tank on foreign policy, promoting Ukrainian autocephaly here.

10 September 2018 Statement from the ROCOR Synod decrying Constantinople's interference here.

8 September 2018 Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk speaks of Patriarch Bartholomew's personal responsibility for mistaken actions here.

8 September 2018 Official Statement of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church against Patriarch Bartholomew's actions here.

7 September 2018 American Orthodox blog Monomachos discusses the matter again here.

4 September 2018 Dn Nicholas Denysenko (OCA deacon of Ukrainian descent) explains for those outside the Church here.

3 September 2018 Bloomberg reflects on possible autocephaly for Ukraine here.

1 September 2018 Vatican's LaStampa reports on meeting between the Patriarchs here.

1 September 2018 US government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports on meeting of Patriarchs Bartholomew and Kyril here.

1 September 2018 Reporting on the meeting of Patriarch Bartholomew and Patriarch Kyril here.

1 September 2018 Archbishop of Daniel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, USA, on his visit to Constantinople here.

31 August 2018 Article in Church Times (UK) on eve of Meeting of Patriarch Kyril with Bartholomew here.

20 August 2018 American Orthodox blog Monamachos treats the matter here.

19 August 2018 Background here

1 August 2018 Monk Philaret, head of the "Kyiv Patriarchate", speaking about the benefits of war in Donbass here.

31 July 2018 Patriarch Bartholomew may consider grant of autocephaly to Ukrainian Church at September meeting here.

28 July 2018 President Poroshenko: What Autocephaly will do for Ukraine here.

27 July 2018 Background to the two schismatic Ukrainian Orthodox groups here.

27 July 2018 Meeting of President Poroshenko with representatives of the Patriarch of Constantinople, reported on the official website of the President here.

11 July 2018 Delegation from Constantinople visits Moscow to consult here.

1 May 2018 Maidan Leader talks of seizing Orthodox Shrines by force for the sake of national church here.

27 April 2018 Church Times (UK) reports that Western-leaning leaders in Ukraine call for autocephaly here.

24 April 2018 Atlantic Council discusses President Poroshenko's request for autocephaly here,

21 April 2018 Brief background from Ukrainian perspective here.

19 April 2018 Ukrainian Parliament passes resolution supporting bid for autocephay here.

19 April 2018 President Poroshenko requests autocephaly from Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople here.

12 April 2018 Presdient Poroshenko visits the Phanar, Constantinople here.

13 January 2018 Nationalistic Activists Stage Protest at Kiev Caves Monastery here.

7 November 2017 Monk Philaret, head of Kiev Patriarch, charges the people of Donbass with the "sin of federalism" here.

30 September 2016 American interference in Orthodox Church on the issue of Ukraine has a history, read here.

15 January 2015 Good background material here.

4 December 2013 Kiev Patriarchate supporing Maidan rebels, reports New York Times here.

18 April 2008 A portion of Vladimir Putin's Speech at the NATO Summit in Bucharest (2 April 2008) relating to Russian policy towards Ukraine here.


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